Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chip Truck Style Fries

To me summer means beaches, waterfalls and lots of chip trucks selling the same product. Most places have similar tasting fries and they're good because they do it right, they know the trick. I made home fries many times in my life and I always just thought it was simple; throw some sliced potato in some hot oil and cook 'em. Well life is never that simple and that's all wrong.


As many potatoes as you wish (I use Russet)

I always leave the skin on my potatoes when I make fries. You don't have to leave the skin on but if you do you should scrub them because they are probably dirty. Apparently they come out of the ground or something. You need to slice them uniformly into french fry shape. They are pretty sweet when cut thick, and I'm not even a thick french fry kind of girl. I like 'em shoestring... but not these puppies, these are different. Don't forget to soak your spuds in icey cold water for a few minutes. There's a reason for this and I believe Bill Nye would know it.

To fry them I use vegetable oil but you can use whatever you normally fry food with. Enough to cover them, common sens-ical nonsense. Heat it up to 325 F and put your potatoes in.
Just in case you weren't sure what boiling oil looked like

This is where the trick comes in to play (most people already know it, just let me think i'm revealing a giant secret please?). Cook your potatoes at this (325 F) temp for about 10 mins or until they are fork-tender. Take them out and put them in a paper towel lined bowl. If you're doing batches because you're super hungry or have friends or something then lather, rinse, repeat.

This is fork TENDAAA.

**Up your oil's temp to 375 F and put your previously cooked fries in the oil to brown up. They're already cooked inside so just brown them to your liking, paper towel them, salt 'em and you're good to go. It's no real science but I like to pretend it is.

They're seriously perfection and no picture could ever capture it well enough. Also, because I say so they have like 5 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per giant plate. CRAZY RIGHT?

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  1. I think I new the secret but you confirmed it thanks ! TENDAAAA lol